Thomas - Flat Dishes

Designed for you and your lifestyle. Porcelain by Thomas.

Practical and original, innovative and creative, stylish, multifunctional and uncomplicated. If you were to create a cast for a relaxed modern life style, Thomas would be the answer. Founded in 1903 by Fritz Thomas in Marktredwitz, the porcelain manufacturer Fritz Thomas joined Rosenthal in 1908, and they initiated in the "Fifties" the connection between demanding but easy style. Following Scandinavian and English influences, today the German design benchmarks the style of developing porcelain, - glass, - and stainless steel-programs for daily use. Dishes you enjoy using, cutlery you like to touch, gifts you would like to keep to yourself. It is not by coincidence that the jury of the most renowned national and international design is in favor of these everyday commodities.